A Dedicated PA Can Help Organise The Christmas Clear Up

Feeling a little jaded after the Christmas festivities? A Buy Time PA can help with the Christmas clear up and get you even more organised in the process. Don’t struggle through on your own – a dedicated
PA can help with a plethora of tasks:

Arrange for a thorough clean of your home
De-cluttering rooms and wardrobes
Making space for new presents
Whipping paperwork into shape
Streamlining ‘To Do’ lists – implementing a clear plan of action
Arranging for fuel deliveries, car MOTs, car services and tyre checks
Dismantling of decorations and packing for storage
Removal of Christmas trees
Arranging for items to be sold at auction/on Ebay
Arranging of waste and bottle disposal
Organising all facets of travel, for business, half term and Easter
Arranging summer holidays
Booking Easter courses for the children
Booking skiing holidays for Jan/Feb or beyond
Arranging ‘thank you’ notes
Arranging for spring re-decoration including managing quotes. – we have a handy little black book of excellent suppliers
Buying school uniform
Running errands
These are just a few ways in which Buy Time can help; the list is endless….
Buy Time are here to provide support for those that are looking for an extra pair of hands to help make life easier. We do not have any sign-up fees or minimum hour requirements – simply buy time as you need it. No job is too small or unusual! Do get in contact on 0203 292 0566 or at to find out how a PA could help you in 2020.
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