An APPealing Education

These Innovative educational games, apps and toys aim to give your children a head start…

The Storytelling App – Telling tales

There is a big trend with apps this year, one that provides children the tools to create their own tales, becoming the storyteller themselves: whether pre-packed collections of characters, scenery and situations to play with, or stories that get children to write or draw in characters as they read. Tate’s Noisy Neighbours gets kids to draw their own characters and Tele Story has them filming their own TV shows.

Various producers for all platforms

Hakitzu: Code of the Warrior – For the language of Javascript

This entirely-free app wants to teach children the language of JavaScript. Presented as a game, your child builds their own robot warriors, then uses their coding skills to control these in battles against their friends, or to hone their abilities in the single-player mode.

By Kuato Studio, Free for iPhone / iPad.

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Wonder Workshop Dash & Dot Robot Pack – Teach them to code!

This clever toy will teach your kids the basics of coding with robots who use sensors to interact with the world at large. These little guys can hear sounds, detect objects and know if objects are being moved. Your kids will be able to teach the Dash and Dot robots to navigate through an obstacle course, deliver a message to a friend and so much more. There are also accessories and attachments available to keep your kids enjoying the game for longer.

MindWare Q-bitz- Keep them thinking quickly

MindWare has a host of great educational toys and learning games, like the MindWare Q-bitz game. Why not make your family game night educational? Q-bitz has three fast-paced rounds of play that require different skills each time: quick thinking, lucky breaks or memory muscle power. You race other players to piece together patterns correctly, teaching kids to think quickly.

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My First Startup – Educational comic book for kids

This 32 page comic book, presently seeking crowdfunding, encourages children to follow their entrepreneurial aspirations. The story follows two young ambitious children, Tanya and Kevin and looks at the steps they take to pursue their dreams. We follow Kevin as he begins to get to grips with taking an idea from concept to execution and learn about Tanya’s challenge to find a healthy work-life balance. The lessons are meant to be practical, actionable, and universally applicable, just as the book aims to be appealing to children of all backgrounds.

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