So many of you have asked us for cleaners, we have built our own team!

Struggled to find a good cleaning company?
We have too.  We would prefer to offer the service to you ourselves and now we can.

Want more from your cleaner?
We believe that with good training and management, the right cleaners can also do the laundry, cook meals, buy household products, look after pets, water plants and weed the garden!

Need pet care and garden maintenance?
Your Buy Time cleaner can also feed your cats and walk your dog whilst she is at your home cleaning.  She can also look after your plants and basic gardening needs.

Clean clothes and home cooked meals to come home to
Because there is not enough time in your day to do it all, a good cleaner can take care of so much more than just the cleaning.  Why not enjoy prepared meals and clean clothes in your wardrobe all done whilst you are busy elsewhere.

Vetted and managed by us
Your Buy Time cleaner is employed by us and therefore fully vetted, managed and insured by us.

Employ your own cleaner
We are also able to provide a cleaner for you to employ directly, if you prefer.

Please come to us for all your housekeeping needs. We know how to make a difference to your home.

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