Companies Leading The Fight Against Climate Change

Buy Time are keen to support companies that are leading the fight against climate change and the environment.

OfficeXpress are steering the way with sustainable solutions that have helped thousands of businesses recycle their ink and toner for the past 7 years.

By educating and encouraging our customers, employees and supplier to reduce, reuse and recycle goods whenever possible, we can have a positive impact on both the planet and your business.

Their mission doesn’t stop there – the money raised from the recycling programmes is distributed to charities that include: Leeds Children’s Hospital, JeansforGenes and Bullying UK.

One person’s recycling won’t stop climate change in itself. We must act collectively to stem catastrophic climate change

All of this is FREE – so there is no excuse not to sign up today! Click the link to the OfficeXpress sign up page to arrange the free collection of your printer cartridges, or to request a recycling box.


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