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How to have a relaxing holiday away from your business

Owning a small business should not mean kissing goodbye to holidays. Summer is here and that means the beginning of the holiday season.  Taking a break from work is essential for all of us, it is good for your health, mental wellbeing and it can be good for your business too.  A chance to recharge […]

OfficeXpress leading the fight against Climate Change

Companies Leading The Fight Against Climate Change

Buy Time are keen to support companies that are leading the fight against climate change and the environment. OfficeXpress are steering the way with sustainable solutions that have helped thousands of businesses recycle their ink and toner for the past 7 years. By educating and encouraging our customers, employees and supplier to reduce, reuse and […]

Buy Time Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas

As we begin the final run up to the big day, the team at Buy Time would like to wish everyone a heartfelt Happy Christmas and peace, joy and prosperity in 2019.  We appreciate working with you and hope that the holidays and the coming year will bring you continued happiness and success. You maybe […]

Corporate Gift buying and arranging

How to send the best Business Gifts this Christmas

We are still some way from the festive season but sending corporate gifts at Christmas time provides an ideal opportunity to recognise and acknowledge the positive relationships that strong customers and staff have on a business. Internal recognition can improve productivity and moral whilst extending it externally is a proven tool for successful client retention. […]

Event about how a virtual assistant can help you set up your business abroad

Doing Business in Norway & Scandinavia

Do you want to export your business overseas to Norway and other Scandinavian territories? Or are you from Norway and wish to bring your business to the UK? Buy Time are proud to sponsor this event on Thursday 8th February at City Business Library – a fantastic learning and networking opportunity in partnership with A City […]

Virtual Assistant Support for Startups

Every Successful Startup Needs a Virtual Assistant

We’re all familiar with the mantra “delegation is the key to success” –  to drive your business forward you must give up all of those ‘distractions’, tasks that prevent you from dedicating your unique strengths as a business leader to higher-level activities. The secret of highly productive people isn’t in any way radical, but it […]

Advice on how to throw a great christmas party

How To Throw The Best Company Christmas Party

At Buy Time, our personal assistants have been making Christmas merrier for more than a decade. We’ve worked with every budget and style of shindig and now our team have put their heads together to dish out a little advice on how to throw the best staff Christmas party and make this the most magical […]

Delegating is the key to success

In Your Best Interest…

Hindsight is a wonderful thing. It must have taken me more than four years of being an ‘entrepreneur’ to realise how much more profitable my business could be with even a little delegation. But when you’re building a business yourself, and don’t have employees or colleagues to delegate work to, removing yourself from doing the […]

Corporate Christmas Party Ideas

Don’t undercook your Corporate Christmas Party!

Show your employees you appreciate them and let Buy Time use our expertise and enviable connections to book the right table at the right restaurant or bar and make sure that you and your team are treated like the Three Kings all night. We can pre-order the food and beverage to make sure the celebrations […]

Buy Time Professional Business Support and Lifestyle Management Services

Stuck in Start-up mode? A Virtual Assistant Could be the Answer

You’re stuck in Start Up mode, you’re handling everything yourself, you’re not alone! 75% of all small businesses have 0 employees. In order to get out of Start Up mode however, it is essential for a business to develop its personnel – Time to start investing in other people to take care of the tasks […]

Are those business cards piling up?

As the year progresses so do the stacks of business cards you collect. Buy Time can take these off your hands! Let us scan and save them to your email contacts or distribution list. You can send these to us or have us collect them from you (take advantage of our 30 minute travel time cap […]

How to run your business remotely

Why you don’t need an office to run a business

With so many ways to stay in touch with colleagues and clients wherever you are, a fixed location is no longer an essential part of running a business. Here are four reasons to ditch the office for a more flexible working life. Cloud-based technology Much of the everyday running of a business can now be […]