Entrepreneur Awards Winner

Buy Time was nominated for the Independent entrepreneur awards in June 2009.

The public voting lines closed after a month of coverage on the story, with the polling stations at the press night finalising the numbers.

Claire spoke on the success story of a historical entrepreneur named Hester Pinney – an inspiring lady Claire was proud to champion.

The combination of the well deserved recognition of this historical business woman, together with the innovation and success of the contemporary support services buy:time provides won the awards.

buy:time has evolved over the years into providing high level flexible PA support to businesses and entrepreneurs on an international basis, handling administration, managing properties and providing critical support services to a current environment that is more in need of streamlining time and resources than ever before.

People need to focus on their businesses, various interests and ventures, outsourcing as much of the day to day running of them as possible. It makes no sense to work in any other way.

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