Every Successful Startup Needs a Virtual Assistant

We’re all familiar with the mantra “delegation is the key to success” –  to drive your business forward you must give up all of those ‘distractions’, tasks that prevent you from dedicating your unique strengths as a business leader to higher-level activities. The secret of highly productive people isn’t in any way radical, but it IS often overlooked. For entrepreneurs and startups delegation can be especially challenging.

Relinquishing of control. When you’ve gotten used to ‘going it alone’ and having everything fall on your shoulders, it can be difficult to break out of this cycle – delegating to others requires a huge leap of faith.

Controlling costs when starting up. In those early stages, it can be difficult to justify spending on labour costs, especially in non-specialised administrative areas where you feel capable of doing the work yourself. Then there’s the expense of the hiring process; advertising, interviewing and training an assistant are not only expensive – they also create more work designed to take your attention away from the bottom line.

So where does that leave you? Trapped amongst the minutiae?

Introducing the Virtual Assistant! Victoria Rabin, writer for describes the Virtual Assistant (or VA) as a “Secret Weapon of Many Accomplished Leaders” and savvy startup founders seem to agree. Startups and entrepreneurs are increasingly relying on the flexible services of virtual assistant companies like Buy Time to save them time and money. Here’s why:

A Virtual Assistant Saves You Time

In his blog “The Controversial First Role to Hire After Your “A Round”, two times entrepreneur turned VC Mark Suster says “Think about it. Your single most valuable asset in the early days is your senior team … And you’re bogged down in expense claims, booking hotel rooms, scheduling meetings, dealing with a leaky toilet, processing payroll, ordering computers, etc.” A Virtual Assistant can do all of this and much much more. They are usually experienced and adept at hitting the ground running so won’t cost you additional time in training.

A Virtual Assistant Saves You Money

Your time is valuable. It’s time to get into the habit of thinking how much your time is actually costing you – You could effectively be paying for the privilege of completing administrative tasks yourself. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Once you’ve offloaded all of that time-consuming administration, the impact on your productivity and subsequently company revenue, could be momentous.

Only Pay for The Time You Need

Many small businesses won’t need the support of a full-time assistant. They may need a helping hand during busy times of year or for specific projects, but then little or no support during slower months. Buy Time assign each of their clients a dedicated assistant on an entirely flexible and pay as you go basis. With no contract, subscription charge or minimum usage requirement, there are no real overheads to consider. Whether your need is 2 hours per week or 20, simply Buy Time as you need it.

Using A Virtual Assistant Increases Productivity

Virtual Assistants are the best-kept secret of successful entrepreneurs. But don’t just take our word for it… Juha Liikala, founder of Stripped Bare Media says in an article for Huff Post “The moment you realize that lately, you haven’t really worked on the “core tasks” that grow your business because of all the minutiae — that is the final moment you need to stop and reassess your workload. Focus on the work you do best and hire other people to do the rest. Being the jack of all trades can seem like a necessity for many entrepreneurs, but it really doesn’t have to be that way. Focus.”

The Right VA Will Professionalise Your Business

An effective Virtual Assistant helps promote your company brand by adding an additional level of professionalism.  Do you answer your own telephone calls? Schedule your own appointments? You could be missing valuable opportunities! If not down to a slower response time, this could be because potential clients and business partners  may not be taking you seriously. Having an assistant field your calls and manage your schedule, shows the outside world your time is valuable. A Virtual Assistant not only helps you stay connected and engaged with customers, they also fill any gaps in organisational skills where you or your senior team may be lacking – they ensure you present a professional and polished company image when it matters.


Ready to embrace the professionalism, productivity and organisational skills an experienced and intelligent VA can bring to your business? Get in touch with Buy Time today to discuss your requirements. or  0203 292 0566


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