How A Virtual Assistant Can Help During Lockdown

Hiring a virtual assistant during lockdown can empower your business productivity and organise your home life. With the ability to flex up and down to meet your business requirements they offer a cost effective solution without the financial burden of a permanent employee.

It allows you to free up time in the working week to focus on the important parts of your business.

A virtual assistant will behave like a virtual employee and has numerous transferable skills.  They are able to work with any type of business, in any location, time zone and currency. This forced (yet essential) pause for thought is an auspicious time to catch up on all the critical tasks that have been left undone. Getting ahead of the game in business will increase productivity and support business growth.

A VA can improve productivity for your business

Whether the focus is your business, personal life, or both, a virtual assistant can help you get on top of things.  Even during these challenging quarantine times, there are numerous tasks that a virtual assistant can support you with.  All aimed at making your business and personal life more productive and efficient.

A Business Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is set up to work remotely. They are experienced in managing the flow of data and information to their clients. This period is critical for businesses to get the operational part of their business organised ready for the ‘off’. Scarily 90% of workers are burdened with boring and repetitive work. Many of these tasks are critical to the success of your business but a small business owner wears many hats. When juggling many roles they don’t want to get bogged down in the minutiae that a virtual assistant could support them with.

A Business VAs To Do-List

  1. Writing blog posts for both in and post ‘lockdown’. Each with their own message and focus.
  2. Writing/updating standard operating policies.
  3. Keeping contact with clients with personalised emails.
  4. Updating the staff handbook.
  5. Record processes (preferably on screen for speed) to ensure business continuity. This can be used if someone is ill, on holiday or a new team member joins. This best practice should be maintained and updated moving forward.
  6. Updating computer filing systems to ensure that information is easily available to team members.
  7. Creating a social media calendar to manage your posts including link management..
  8. Social media posts including graphics and podcasts.
  9. Writing showcase stories pending release.
  10. Introduction to systems that can help teams communicate, share files and work remotely with their clients and/or team members. What you choose will depend on your business and how it is organised. Virtual assistants can advise and train on Asana, Trello, Loom, Slack, MS teams, Dropbox, Zoom, OneDrive, Skype etc.

 Automate Automate Automate

There is much software available now to make running your business easier. Systems such as Hubspot, Mailchimp, Trello, Zapier, Zoom and Meeetedgar can all be used to automate tasks so that your business almost runs itself. UK Research shows that office workers spend roughly one-third of the year completing administrative or repetitive tasks. Ultimately automation can streamline business operations, improve productivity and business efficiencies, reduce costs and increase business sales. The key is to find a virtual assistant with the knowledge and experience to automate this all for you. This is far beyond the basic email management and scheduling that you might already have support with:

  1. Review of business processes to identify those that can be automated.
  2. Research into client generation and how this can be tied into the marketing campaign.
  3. Set up automated social media management tools
  4. Arrange automated email responses
  5. Organise automated invoicing process

Order or chaos

Lifestyle Virtual Assistant

Many of us have wished for more time at home to get on top of things, well, now we have it. Make the most of the opportunity to get on top of your personal organisation. This  will not only make you feel more in control but will save you time in the long run.

These are just a few ways in which we can help. The list is endless. Getting ahead of the game in business and your personal life will make you more productive and support business growth.

A Lifestyle VAs To-Do List

  1. Writing a household manual so that all your critical information is contained in one secure place.
  2. Create a lifestyle calendar that will update year on year so that you don’t have to keep inputting details. Dates to include are birthdays, anniversaries and memorable dates of all the important people in your life. This can become more extensive and include reminders such as dentist appointments, health checks, vet appointments or the car needs an MOT. This can be set up with reminders so that you never miss another important date.
  3. Medical appointments: have you been thinking about getting health checks sorted out? We arrange appointments, research consultants and arrange check ups. You might have an old injury that is playing up that you want investigating or have missed a check up that was due.
  4. We can sort out gym membership or get a personal trainer lined up for when exercising is more flexible.
  5. You might be thinking of planning a party or celebration when things ease up a little. A VA can take care of all the logistics and details for you.
  6. Holidays might take a different form at the moment but there are endless possibilities. We can research places to stay in the UK; by the sea, a golf holiday or a yoga retreat.
  7. Are your home computer files a mess or your Dropbox over the limit? We can sort icloud photos into albums, organise your filing system and sort out a full Dropbox.
  8. We can research insurance policies that are up for renewal to ensure you get the best deal and don’t overpay.
  9. House maintenance and decoration: we can get quotes from tradespeople that you use, or from our reliable little black book, to arrange for things to be fixed or for decorators to quote for work.
  10. A ‘levels this year will not have an easy outcome for many students. If you have an 18 year old thinking of a gap year we can help research and plan the trip with them.
  11. We can arrange a personal tutor for the summer holidays and research the options base on set criteria.  We can also help source a foreign speaking tutor for a language student also.

A VA can organise your personal life and get more done.

Buy Time

Buy time have been providing support for over 15 years to SMEs, entrepreneurs, growing start-ups, professionals and private individuals.  Experts at what they do, many of our virtual assistants stem from a background within blue-chip, multinational organisations. Some have come from entrepreneurial careers themselves. They are able to flex with your requirements; providing more or less hours as necessary and delivering a cost effective solution.

Our focus is our client. We therefore offer a flexible and transparent pricing structure, with no membership, contract or joining fees. There are no minimum use requirements – simply ‘buy time’ as it is needed.  We support businesses and individuals starting out on their journey as well as more established organisations. Many have continued: our long-term relationships have benefited from this approach for well over a decade.

Let us take away some of the stress. Please contact us on to discuss in more detail how we can support you in both your business and your home life.






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