Increasing Productivity Using Loom Videos In Trello

At Buy Time we have been using Loom videos to communicate with some of our clients. We find it is an efficient way of sharing information: generating training manuals, providing ‘how to’ guides for business processes and a quick way to create meeting and project status updates.

The benefits are that they are quick, informative and you can pause and replay them when necessary.

The global pandemic has changed the workplace. Despite asynchronous work having been in operation for some time, in particular within larger organisations, we are entering a new era of hybrid remote working. For businesses to be successful you will need new ways to connect and communicate across remote hybrid teams. A critical element is to utilise tools that facilitate this efficiently without having a knock-on effect on your productivity.

Trello Loom Video

If you are new to Trello you might be wondering what it is? Trello is a project management tool that enables you to streamline your workflow and improve productivity. It can be used for a simple to-do list or a complex workflow. One of the strengths of Trello is that is can be customised to meet the demands of any project. They have a useful blog area which is full of helpful tips and articles. This is particularly relevant if you are interested in productivity, working efficiently and using systems to streamline your workflows.

The launch of the loom video integration has made Trello more attractive and suited to agile working methods.

So what are the benefits?

Computer video

In just a couple of clicks teams can use Loom for the following:

  • create and share screencast videos in Trello
  • share videos as comments in cards or as Link cards. This is useful for updates, feedback, and sharing other important information.
  • a Loom video can replace the weekly or daily update meetings.
  • share ideas and get feedback on projects
  • ‘how to’ videos for tasks and processes
  • new team induction and onboarding
  • project review facilitation
  • the video messages convey emotion better than text, allowing employees to feel engaged.
  • saves time typing
  • it is much easier to follow and understand the presenter remotely.
  • you feel more connected to that person because it gives faces and voices to otherwise a bland typed message.

Getting Started

Trello have made it easy for you to get started using Loom videos. They have created a handy video themselves (no surprise) to get you started.


Buy Time VA

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Our experienced team of professionals have experience in supporting small business and entrepreneurs. If you need help setting up systems for your business, or simply don’t have the time, do get in contact. We can set them up for you and then train you, and your team, on how to use them on a day-to-day basis.

Our focus is our client. We therefore offer a flexible and transparent pricing structure, with no membership, contract or joining fees. There are no minimum use requirements – simply ‘buy time’ as it is needed. At Buy Time we support businesses on an individual project or on an on-going basis. Our long-term relationships have benefited from this approach for well over a decade. We charge an hourly rate and in 5-minute slots. It is not as expensive as you think. and no job is too small or unusual!

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