Virtual Personal Assistant

NHS cuts leave holes in vital support for doctors

Could our flexible PAs/ VAs be the solution to problems faced by today’s healthcare professionals?

In a week that has seen an NHS A&E department described as “worse than a war zone”, we cannot help but foresee an impending and catastrophic demise for the NHS, the organisation required from April 2015 to reduce its running costs by a further 10-15 per cent, aiming to make savings of around £80M.

The administrative burden already overwhelming UK healthcare professionals is unlikely to lessen and bureaucracy almost certainly will become more time-consuming, with information having to be duplicated sometimes three or more times before a patient can be transferred between departments, for example.

Virtual assistants provided by companies like Buy Time could provide a flexible solution to the much needed support for organisations that are bearing the weight of extensive cuts to their administrative staff. Diary management, clinic scheduling, virtual reception desks and report typing, are just some of the ways a fully trained and experienced Buy Time PA could step in and significantly lighten the load.

Buy Time PAs are already providing invaluable support across the sector: Scheduling patients of an NHS Dermatology clinic, ensuring that cancelled appointments are filled and sending patient reminders to reduce no-shows; Managing the diary and emails as well as typing up dictated patient notes for a busy Head of Surgery; Fielding calls, booking appointments, and taking payments for a private vaccination clinic.

What’s more, our solution could also contribute to a heightened level of security for NHS departments, each of our customers benefiting from their own dedicated assistant and non-disclosure agreement to protect their own and their patients’ confidentiality, something that is not easily controlled with the hire of agency temps.

Quote by founder of Buy Time, Claire Brynteson:

“Buy Time has experienced an increase in demand from NHS practitioners looking for alternative remedies to their increasing work load, wanting to find their own way of structuring support to enable them to focus on the essential work of which they are specialists.”

Quote from Mr Phillip Steines MB BS, FRCOG, a recent addition to our client list.

“I am a surgeon with an established and growing private and busy NHS practice. Decreasing support has meant I am increasingly struggling to maintain dairy, keep up with email etc. I have found Buy Time to be an excellent support solution. My PA is fully trained, experienced and has proven herself indispensable.”

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