September Is The Month To Tackle Life Admin Tasks

As we sign off on summer and head towards autumn and dare I mention Christmas, now is the time to tackle long To Do lists that have built up over the holidays. September is a key month to action those tasks we have been meaning to do and get your life admin organised.

Buy Time have been helping people organise their personal and business lives for over ten years. Our services are designed to offer clients complete flexibility; we work wherever and whenever clients need us to allowing them to focus on business growth and freeing up more personal time.  One of the attractive elements of our business is that there are no commitments and no fixed overheads.  This is a real drawing point for the majority of our clients, in addition to the extensive expertise of our team.
We do not charge a minimum usage fee, or a retainer; you simply buy time, as you require it.  No job is too small; we can provide support for the odd hour or on a more regular basis to suit your requirement. This allows clients the freedom to dip in and out as and when they require our support.

How Your PA Help

There are many of the ways in which Buy Time PAs can help with your life admin and allow you to regain valuable time.
Whipping paperwork into shape
Streamlining to-do lists; implementing a clear plan of action
Managing homes and rental properties in the UK and abroad
De-cluttering rooms and wardrobes
Selling items at auction or on eBay
Getting teenagers packed and organised for university
Booking train tickets and hotels to visit students at university
Transform homes from summer to winter
Arranging for ironing to be done
Managing trades people
Dealing with utility companies
Paying bills
Managing DIY jobs around the house
Finding cheaper car insurance and utility providers
Buying furniture and arranging for it to be delivered
Arranging for fuel deliveries, car MOTs, car services and tyre checks
Booking holidays for Christmas
Restaurant reservations
Sorting out the pets with vet appointments
Sorting through filing and general admin
Filing and life admin
Arranging gardening services to get your garden winter ready to include pruning and planting.
Organising all facets of travel, for business, half term and Christmas
Arranging Christmas’ away from home.
Wedding and party planning
Organising Christmas parties, both for work and for private events
Arranging people to cook and manage Christmas lunch
Gift buying and wrapping
Preparing Christmas cards and envelope labels now (yes, now!
Getting properties ready for guests including researching and buying furniture, arranging for decorators
Preparing Christmas cards and envelope labels now (yes, now!)
Arranging for our house to be decorated for Christmas, we have a little black book with amazing florists that can transform fireplaces etc.
Running errands
These are just a few ways in which Buy Time can help; the list is endless….

Next Steps

The next couple of months provide an opportunity to see out 2020 feeling completely on top of things.  Buy Time are here to provide support for those that are looking for an extra pair of hands to help make life easier. Please do get in contact to find more about how we can help at or on 0203 292 0566.
Don’t delay half term will be here before you know it!
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