Personal Assistant

Tatiana graduated from Leeds University with a degree in English and Philosophy. She has since gone on to work for a number of leading luxury brands- it was here that she was able to develop her keen interest in branding, marketing and also began to develop her experience as a PA. Further to that Tatiana has worked for a leading branding agency which has enabled her to develop her understanding and interest within the creative industry.

Tatiana enjoys working as part of a team and will see no task as ‘too big’. She enjoys working to help with both personal and business requests and she excels in project management and prides herself on meeting deadlines in an efficient and fluent manner.

In her previous employment, Tatiana enjoyed helping to co-ordinate events for the company. It was here that she was able to develop her communication, project management and time management skills. She used her creativity and enthusiasm to help put events together including at major venues such as the Serpentine Gallery.

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