The London Lifestyle Awards 2014 – Buy Time Nominated Best Concierge Company

We are thrilled that Buy Time has been nominated once again for the prestigious Best Concierge Company of the Year award at the London Lifestyle Awards 2014.

Buy Time has been looking after London for 12 years. We care deeply about the people that live in London and the people that visit our capital too. Our service caters for everything that people need here – researching, organising, managing, maintaining, booking, overseeing and orchestrating all areas of life for Londoners, both at home and at work. We have put our heads down for over a decade and worked hard to learn how to bring the best of London to our customers. We run their homes & lifestyles and we grow their businesses.

Buy Time is geared towards reducing stress and giving Londoners more time to relax, more time to spend with friends and family and to experience more cultural and leisure activities. For London residents and visitors to London, it’s all about enjoying all that London has to offer, usually organised by us. London is one of the best cities in the world, with an enormous amount to do and see. Our customers live this, rather than just read about it or long for the time to see it and do it. We improve lifestyles; that’s our job.

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