Why Small Businesses Need A Social Media Virtual Assistant

Do you spend a significant amount of your work hours on mundane social media tasks at the detriment to your growing business?

If the answer is yes you need a social media virtual assistant. Sometimes it really does pay to hire an expert.

They will absorb all the tedious and repetitive work that underpin your marketing campaign. Instead you can focus on the critical elements of your business that really do need your help. If you take an intermittent approach to your social media management you will end up leaving potential leads on the table

What Is A Social Media Virtual Assistant?

Expert Virtual Assistance

Small business owners wear many different time-consuming hats. Managing your company’s social media profiles is one of them. It’s no secret that time spent on tasks that bring in more results and that only you can do will fuel growth. There are many social media tasks that are essential but also time-consuming. Therefore, if not outsourced, they’ll tie up your crucial time needed to focus on business growth.

Social media virtual assistants do everything that a social media manager does. Therefore you can focus on your most valuable and necessary tasks that will gain you the most rewards.

Tasks To Outsource

Social Media

  • Create and manage social media profiles
  • Interact with audiences on different social media channels
  • Curate content and images for your posts does — except they work remotely. They take care of time-intensive social media jobs
  • Generate and manage your social media campaigns
  • Manage online shopping channels via social media platforms
  • Reply to comments
  • Research hashtags
  • Create relevant content
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Send follow-up messages
  • Blog writing
  • Follow and engage with key businesses or individuals

Benefits Of Hiring A Social Media Virtual Assistant

How a virtual assistant can help

Here are four ways a social media virtual assistant can reduce your workload and free up your time:

1. Increase Business Productivity

A VA can improve productivity for your business

A social media VA can reduce your workload and free up more of your time. They can carry out those time-killing repetitive tasks faster and more efficiently than you. You can focus more of your time on tasks that will bring in increased revenue and upscale your business.

2. Minimise Hiring Costs

A VA can save money

We all know that hiring is expensive. It involves so much paperwork and costs before a new hire has even sat down at their desk.

Here are a few reasons how a social media assistant can save you money:

  • A VA usually charges by the hour.  Therefore you will only need to pay them for the work they do.
  • A VA is responsible for all their own supplies,  equipment and are always up to date with the latest software. This lets you save on a plethora of costs, from rent and furniture, to post-it notes and expired anti-virus programmes.
  • Social media assistants specialise in what they do and often have years of experience with social media management.
  • The opportunity to reinvest your time in parts of the business that generate an income. You might think that you can respond personally to every single email you receive but eventually you’ll struggle to make your next deadline or miss a critical deadline. This could potentially be a costly mistake.

3. Free Up Your Time

Free up time and breath

Taking a break from work is essential for all of us. It’s good for your health, mental wellbeing and for your business too. A chance to switch from problem solver to blue sky thinking and relaxation can help promote creativity.  There are many examples of small business owners striking some of their best business ideas during a break from routine.

It’s vital to be able to step away from your business safe in the knowledge it can run successfully without you. With a team of experts  you can lay back and enjoy your free time instead of creating Instagram posts, Facebook groups, networking on LinkedIn, creating social media posts or replying to your tweets 24/7.

4. Expert Assistance

Social Media Expertise

You can’t escape from social media. It would be foolish to avoid it or do it badly. Social media is fast becoming a key part of an ecommerce business strategy; creating easy access to customer engagement and product exposure. There are now hundreds of different platforms available to businesses and this can be confusing. The key is working out which ones work for your business and building a social media strategy around them.

A Virtual Assistant

An experienced and social media VA can bring knowledge and productivity  to your business? They can hit the ground running and can take care of your work with little to no training at all.

At Buy Time we assign each of their clients a dedicated social media assistant on an entirely flexible and pay as you go basis. They are happy to work by the hour, the day or to create a plan to suit you – simply buy time as you need it. With no contract, subscription charges or minimum usage requirement, there are no real overheads to consider. Buy Time operates wherever you may need us; be it from your home, office or from our own desks.  Our focus is our client and our long term relationships have benefited from this approach for well over a decade. We charge an hourly rate and in 5 minute slots. It is not as expensive as you think.

If you would like to have an informal chat about how Buy Time can help manage your social media, please do get in touch at or 0203 292 0566.

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